What is Check Fraud?

Recognition leads to Prevention

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What is Check Fraud?

Course Syllabus

What is Check Fraud?

Be introduced to the basics of what Check Fraud is and how it works.

What are types of check fraud?

Gain an understanding of the common types of check fraud.

Is it a lost, stolen, or counterfeit check?

Discover the difference between lost, stolen, and counterfeit checks and why it is so important to know.

What is a forged check?

Take a look at what qualifies as a forged check.

Even more types of check fraud?

Identify additional ways check fraud may take place.

Types of Check Fraud Payments Professor Quiz

Review and reinforce what you have learned about check fraud so far.

Consumer Check Fraud        Prevention

Discover what consumers can do to help prevent being a check fraud victim.

More Consumer Check Fraud Prevention

Recognize additional ways consumers can help to prevent check fraud.

Businesses Check Fraud Prevention Tips

Gain an understanding of what businesses can do to prevent losses.

Financial Institution Check Fraud Prevention Tips Part 1

Explore tips and tactics available to financial institutions in the fight against check fraud.

Financial Institution Check Fraud Prevention Tips Part 2

Uncover additional methods financial institutions can implement to limit and stop losses.

Check Fraud Prevention Payments Professor Pop Quiz

Review the many tips and tactics presented in the second half of the course that is available to prevent and stop check fraud.

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What is included in the "What is Check Fraud" course?

  • 14 classes, and almost 2 hours of Information and education 
  • 2.2 NCP continuing education credits.
  • Go back and watch as many times as you want.
  • Complete the course review with a workbook, and answer key!
  • Follow along with the workbook and grade yourself!
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Enroll in "What is Check Fraud" Now