FedNow Liquidity Management

Join the Payments Professor to expand your knowledge of how liquidity management transfers work, what controls are in place, what the Fed expects, what reports will help, and even more! THe Payments Professor walks you through the different liquidity models, explains the payments flow and what you will need to know when working with LMTs in FedNow. LMTs are made easy in this course. Eleven classes over one hour and as always in that fun and entertaining style only the Payments Professor can provide. 





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Prepare Now for FedNow

What do you need to know about FedNow to be prepared for a product launch? Join the Payments Professor for over 3 hours of FedNow education. Learn about what FedNow is, how payments flow, and the time-out clock; that is just the first section of the course. Continue to understand how settlement, participation types, reporting, reconciliation, and more occur in FedNow. There are sections on the technical and fraud issues, as well as those fantastic Payments Professor pop quizzes (with answers in the workbook). Do not wait. Sign up today!





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FedNow ISO 20002 Basics

ISO® 20022 is the format that makes instant payments with FedNow possible. How does it work, where did it come from, and what do you need to know? In this course, the payments professor takes you down the rabbit hole of the ISO® 20022 format and turns it into easy-to-understand language. From PAIN to PACS and returns to requests for payments, the Professor helps to understand ISO® 2002 and FedNow. As usual, there are two Payments Professor quizzes and an answer key in the workbook to help you learn more about formatting. Even if you have never worked with a payment format before, this course will give you the knowledge to work with FedNow and ISO® 20022 formatting. 





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Building a faster payments strategy.

Are you looking for a reliable and secure faster payments strategy for your business? With services like same-day ACH, FedNow, and RTP, creating a strategy to offer these products and services is critical for all financial institutions and payment providers. With faster payments, you'll be able to provide your account holders with the convenience and security they need when making payments. Plus, you'll be able to reduce costs and save time associated with processing payments. With faster payments, you'll be able to provide your customers with the convenience and security they need when making payments. Plus, you'll be able to reduce costs and save time associated with processing payments. But first, you need a faster payments strategy. So why wait? Sign-up today to learn more about how the Payments Professor can help you to build a faster payments strategy.

FedNow Know Now

What to know about FedNow, Now? Learn the who, the what, the where, the when, and the how of FedNow in this course here and now!




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What is Check Fraud?

Need to understand and stop check fraud?
Complete this course to learn how it happens, what it is, and how to prevent it. 




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IAT, ACH Goes International

Discover what is an IAT, ways to identify if an Entry is an IAT, and much more in this course dedicated to international ACH.




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Introduction to RTP™

Ready to start your journey with RTP™ (Real-Time Payments)? Wondering where do I begin? Then this class was designed just for you! 





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RTP™ Risks, Rules, & Regulations

Discover  more in this course dedicated to understanding the Risks, Rules, and Regulations for RTP™!




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Want to have the professor deliver a keynote speech, host/emcee your conference, or lead a professionally moderated panel in a fun, entertaining and education style? Click here to book him for your next event. 




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This Ever Happen To You?

You're sitting in one of those classes, in-person or online, with an instructor who has that dry, boring, monotone voice and was slowly reading every single word on the slide before you?

You needed to learn a complex subject in a short amount of time while still balancing your regular job duties and the rest of your life only to be enrolled in classes that made the material sound even more difficult to understand?

Were you left feeling like this is impossible, I'll never learn this, or would that speaker just shut up?

Now you know why the Payments Professor was created. 




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