FedNow Know Now

What do you need to know and understand now about FedNow? How do you prepare for FedNow? How will FedNow work?

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Course Syllabus

What is FedNow?

Be introduced to the basics of what FedNow is and how it works.

What features will be included in the FedNow launch?

Gain an understanding of the features and functionality that will be included in the release of FedNow.

How will you access FedNow?

Discover how banks, credit unions, consumers, businesses, and third-parties will access and make use of the FedNow service.

What types of payments will be available in FedNow?

Take a look at the different types of payments that will be available in FedNow.

How will a FedNow Payment Flow?

Identify the different participants and how payments will flow between these participants within the FedNow channel.

How will FedNow impact the Banking Industry?

Uncover how FedNow will change and evolve electronic banking in the U.S.

Is FedNow a Closed or Open Loop System?

Discover the differences between open and closed loop payment systems, and identify what type of system FedNow will be.

Will FedNow be Deferred or Real-Time Settlement?

Recognize the differences between real-time and deferred systems as you discover more about FedNow.

What are the Consumer Benefits of FedNow?

Learn the different use cases and the benefits of FedNow to consumers.

What are the benefits of FedNow for businesses?

Explore the benefits for businesses when participating in FedNow.

We have RTP™, why did the Fed create FedNow?

Learn why the Federal Reserve Board of Governors thought it necessary to create FedNow knowing the RTP™ Network is alive and well.

What do we want from FedNow?

What will FedNow do? Will it be credit-push, debit-pull, or both? This session dives into the many requests of features and functions the industry hopes to see in FedNow.

What about Funds Availability, Bill Pay, and Fraud in FedNow?

Understand how certain aspects of FedNow will impact participants.

Now, What is FedNow?

Go beyond the high-level discussion and apply the knowledge you've gained so you can share it with others.

FedNow Know Now Final (Review)

Take the final exam and reinforce what you've learned and leave class with a deeper understanding of FedNow. 

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What is included in the FedNow Know Now Course?

  • 17 classes with over 2 Hours of information and education 
  • Review, relearn, and revisit as many times as you want
  • Complete the course review with the accompanying workbook and answer key!
  • As new information about FedNow becomes available, so will additional or updated classes.
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