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Introduction to Payment Channels 

What exactly is a payment channel and how many are currently available in the United States? How do they operate? This course covers answers all these questions and more. Join the Payments Professor for an introduction and history lesson on payment channels in the good old USA.

This free course contains nine videos with a combined total of more than 50 minutes of discussion on the various payment channels available in the United States. That's enough to earn one continuing education credit for most certification programs at no cost. Introduction to Payment channels includes: ACH, Cards, Cash, Checks, Real Time Payments, Wires, and Emerging & Alternative Payments.

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Real Time Education for Real Time Payments (RTE for RTP)

Discover the basics of the RTP network such as defining key terms, identifying key participants, understanding messaging fundamentals, and much more. Complete the course before moving onto the next RTE for RTP that includes discussions on risk management and auditing of the RTP network. 

Our Real Time Education for Real Time Payments (RTE for RTP) course consists of 26 videos totaling more than two hours and is worth 2.6 continuing education credits in most programs. This course is divided into multiple topics allow for a deeper dive into the nuances of the RTP channel. These topics include: Introduction to RTP™, RTP™ Participants, Key Concepts & Compliance, Introduction to Messaging, Understanding Prefunding and Settlement.

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Pandemic Planning

Without warning, when it's least expected, a disaster, or even worse, a pandemic can happen. Are you prepared? How do you plan for something you've never experienced? Join the Payments Professor to learn more about pandemic planning and what the governing agencies expect of a financial institution.

Created by the Payments Professor in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic to help payment professionals better understand what pandemic planning is and what the regulatory agencies expect from financial institutions, the Pandemic Planning course consists of 20 videos totaling more than 2 hours of education. Topics includes: Introduction to Pandemic Planning, FFIEC Interagency Guidance, Review of Nacha's Operations Bulletins regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

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IAT International ACH

What is an IAT? In this series we look into what is an IAT and we give you some helpful ways to identify if an entry is an IAT or not. We also look at how OFAC plays a role in the processing of an IAT when it comes to reporting and compliance. Learn more in the class focused on IAT, OFAC, and screening.

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Introduction To ACH

Ready to take the ache out of ACH? Just what is an ACH and how does it work? Who is Nacha and what do they do? Get the answers to these and many more questions when you enroll in the Payments Professor's Intro to ACH class.

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