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FedNow® KnowNow

Do you need to know FedNow® NOW? 

Ready to expand your understanding of FedNow®? After this course, when your boss, your board, your coworkers, or anyone asks, "What is FedNow?" you will now know the answer to that as well as many other questions. This is the perfect high-level introductory course to FedNow for everyone.

  • What will be included in the FedNow launch?
  • How Will You Access FedNow?         
  • What types of payments will be available in FedNow?  
  • How will FedNow Payment Flow?     
  • Is FedNow a Closed or Open Loop System?  
  • What are the benefits of faster payments?         
  • We have RTP, why did the Fed create FedNow? 
  • How will Funds Availability work with FedNow?      
  • What if we want to pay a bill?           
  • What if we have fraud?         

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