$999.00 USD

The FedNow® Service Certificate Series

Ready to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of FedNow®? With the FedNow® Certificate from the Payments Professor, learn what you need to know about FedNow® to help understand the many different aspects of faster payments.

This Payments Professor certificate is broken into eight classes, and each class concludes with a quiz to test your knowledge of the material learned and to help you progress toward obtaining your FedNow® Certificate. Classes are approximately one hour long and delivered in the Professor's engaging, enhanced webinar style incorporating video and slides.


  • 8 Hours of instruction
  • Classes include:
  • FedNow® Basics
  • Faster Payments Basics
  • Liquidity Management
  • FedNow® Reconciliation
  • Returns
  • ISO 20022 messaging
  • FedNow® vs. RTP® vs. Same Day ACH
  • And more!
  • PDF version of the classes
  • 80-Question Quiz (10 questions per class)
  • Certificate of Completion