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Stay up to date with all the Nacha ACH Operating Rules updates and changes. Learn everything you need to know to stay compliant. 

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Course Syllabus

What is the timeline for 2021 ACH updates?

Learn what the 2021 ACH Rules updates are and when they become effective.

Do you have to register in the ACH Contact Registry?

Discover what the ACH Contact Registry is, why it was created, who has to register, and where to register.

What are the Reversals and Enforcement rules?

Gain insight and understanding on the purpose of both the Reversals and Enforcement rules changes and how they will impact participants.

How is Nacha expanding access to Same Day ACH?

Take a look into the future of Same Day ACH to see how Nacha is adding an additional processing window for Same Day ACH.

What is the Web Debit Account Validation Rule?

This sessions explores what the Web Debit Account Validation rule is, how to meet the requirements of it, and what it means to you and your originators. 

Are you Differentiating R10 & R11 Unauthorized Return Reasons?

There are situations that require the use of R10 and others where R11 is more appropriate. It is important that staff know how to identify the differences and which code is the correct one to use.

What Does the Supplementing Data Security Requirements Rule Do?

Identify the security requirements, how they are applied, and design a plan to prepare for implementation of this updated rule.

Are you Placing Limitations on Warranty Claims?

Uncover why the effective date of this rule was expanded and how it is changing time frames and establishing limitations for consumer and non-consumer warranty claims.

What is Meaningful Modernization?

Recognize how new technology is changing payments and how that leads to new types of entries and authorizations.

Meaningful Modernization, Continued

Learn how oral and electronic authorizations can be completed according to this new rule.

Why is there always a Payments Professor Pop Quiz?

Test and reinforce your knowledge of the course material by participating in the Professor's pop quiz. 

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What is included in the 2021 ACH Rules Updates Course?

  • 11 Classes and 96 minutes of information and education worth 1.9 AAP and APRP continuing education credits.
  • Each new rule has its own class (video) 
  • Payments Professor's pop quiz review and workbook to reinforce the material. 
  • Certificate of Completion included for all attendees to track AAP/APRP Credits
  • Revisit, review, and relearn, from wherever and whenever you want!
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